Ħildegard’s Ħealing §tones

Hildegard movie

Hildegard von Bingen was a collector of healing stones.  During Europe’s Middle Ages, she considered minerals and stones to be created by Water, Fire, or a combination of the two.  As such, they had properties similar to those – as commonly understood to natural phenomena during the time.  As a Healer, Hildegard recognized that minerals and stones were accompanied by a unique and divine blessing, this led to her established applications of them, from Touch Healing to cooking to infusing drinks.  Historically, many of the mineral and stone correspondences used today in Healing Stone Therapies originated from the work of Medieval Healers.

The minerals and stones readily available to Hildegard, living in the Rhineland-Palatinate of Germany, and so found in her collected works, include: Amethyst, Agate, Jasper, and Quartz.  Less common stones available in the area but considered more valuable include: Aquamarine, Beryl, Chrysprase, Garnet, and Topaz.  And regarding her precious stones: Diamond and Pearl, she would probably have received these from patrons, and well-traveled admirers.

Today, several stones are known to be part of her collection.  What follows is a list I have compiled from various German source texts, to include her own Physica, and information collected while visiting her museum, and the monastery in Disibodenberg where she resided.  The following list is not complete.  The full list will be included in my next book: Forn Þreifa: Ancient Healing Touch.


Common Name Hildegard’s Name Her Known Use
Amethyst (Purple) Quartz Insect Bites and to Beautify the Skin
Agate or Chalcedony Sardonyx Remedy for Fever and to calm an Irrational Temper
Agate Quartz Achat Restore Emotional Balance, Create Harmony, and Increase Practicality



either Onyx or Marble Calcite

Kalk Onyx: Stomach Ailments and Spleen Disease

Possibly Chromian Beryl

Smarragd Headaches
Jasper or Red Quartz Jaspis Deafness



different types of semiprecious stones













Hyacinth was also a group name for Garnet, Almandine, Hessonite, Spinel, Vesuvianite, and Zircon


Quartz Crystal Bergkristall Remedy an Ill or Weak Heart, Ease an Upset Stomach or Cure Abdominal Pain
Sapphire Saphir Gout and Eye Pain/Disease


~ ~ ~

Photo Still from the Film, Vision: From the Life of Hildegard Von Bingen



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