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My name is Valarie Wright (pen name ‘Yngona Desmond’) and I am a lifelong intuitive, writer, and artist.  I am a Seiðwoman, and Seiðr historian; an Animist and Naturalist, an Herbalist and Healer, and trail runner.  I have written essays, papers, and best-selling books on Seiðr, to include:
Völuspá: Seiðr as Wyrd Consciousness
Forn Þreifa: Ancient Healing Touch
Seiðr Sprëhhan: The Sayings of Seiðr
-Unser Weg: Female Mystery Traditions Revealed

I draw and paint #SeidrArt (esoteric and asemic), research and write on the Old European spiritual folkways, carve Runes and Ogham on paper, wood, and bone, create amulets, lorica, and other sacred objects. I spent several years translating the Nine Herb Galdr, then growing those herbs to re-create that remedy. Over the years I have grown and wild harvested the herbs to make flying ointments and blends to conjure fairies, mixed potions and brews, solid-liquid wands, smoking blends, and incense. The focus of all my work – these 36 plus years – has been to share the results of my work, through writing, artistry, and teaching; to become intimate with nature and the Náttúra; and to aid those who also hear this call: to re-Remember and re-Wild their Wyrd Consciousness.

I am a Völva, a modern shaman, a facilitator of spiritual wellbeing and finding meaning in life.  I grow and wild harvest the sacred herbs of Old Europe and the Americas, I hex and heal, curse and bless, I collect and speak with bones, I whisper Runes and read the Book of Tarot, I peer into tea leaves and trace the lines of fate upon palms. I am a Staff Bearer and runner of wild animal trails; I Galdr atop burial mounds and follow Ley Lines.

I live in the Land of Mound Shamans (in central Ohio), and work as a professional writer of books, an herbalist brewing folk remedies, and a healer of soul-sickness; all while helping others find the same within themselves. Born in the backseat of a car on Hwy 101 in California, raised in a folkloric family, and called a “wild child”, my altar is moss covered stone, my temple old growth forests, my gods the Gogs of XOHOX, my ways the living traditions of Wild and Wyrd Consciousness. Having traveled the world visiting sacred monolithic sites, conversing with the Matronae, Landvættir, and Chthonic Beings, while learning the dead languages of my Ancestors, I enjoy visiting kindreds and covens, attending Pagan Pride, and participating in conferences and festivals. To book me as a speaker or ritualist at an event, for copies of my art, for interviews or permission to publish my essays, please contact the Events page.

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