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My work and books on Seidr are found here:

Völuspá: Seiðr as Wyrd Consciousness
Forn Þreifa: Ancient Healing Touch
Seiðr Sprëhhan: The Sayings of Seiðr
Heathen Anthology: Volume One
Heathen Anthology: Volume Two
-Unser Weg: Female Mystery Traditions Revealed

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  1. Elvina Taylor says:

    I was drawn to the north pictographs on your recent blog. My Grandparents were Saami . My father taught me Joiking as a small child. I have been dreaming and even having waking visions of the circle with the X in it and am wondering what the significance of it is? Do you know?


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Elvina.

      I was invited to spend three months with Saami Noaide in Finland a few years ago. That experience re-aligned aspects of my perspective.

      The circle and ‘x’ is an ancient symbol. The circle represents completion, creation, and manifestation. It is nothing less than sacred space. The X signifies transformation, of making things new. Additionally, X represents the Sun God; or his All Seeing Eye. Combined they represent raw/primal power, the ability to ‘jump-start’ redefinition and refinement. Finally, the X is a celestial configuration. Within the Circle/Heavens, the X is the equator and ecliptic, upon which the entire heavens ‘swings’, or finds balance. As such, the Circle and X are a Golden Gate from which the gods may travel to earth and the Noaide/shaman may travel to meet the gods.


    2. What a lovely heritage you have! I was truly blessed to visit, and be shown so much! It was a true life gift! As to your dream, I will intuitively say: It sounds like the drum .. also, sacred space. Have you tried creating the circle, marking the four quarters, sitting in the center, and joiking!? If so .. I would love to hear about it!

      All the best!



  2. Maggie Nell says:

    In case you don’t know, the Perth Mint here in Australia, has this year
    released a series of silver coins depicting the Norse gods.

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    1. Oh my Maggie! I did not know that! I will certainly google it to take a look! Thank you so much for sharing this information with me .. your the best!


  3. Publisher says:

    Dear Yngonna, it has been so many years since we’ve talked last, but you have been with in spirit since the day we first talked about our father Odin. I would like to share if you still are here to see the culmination of my hard effort for our God as we are his Einherjar: https://iofthedragon.wordpress.com/


    1. Dear friend .. your site has been “deleted”. I trust you are well .. and that you are updating!


  4. Richard says:

    Hi Yngona/ Valarie,

    Richard here from Australia

    Firstly I would like to thank you very much for your book (Vőluspá) that you wrote. It has helped me to find a little bit more of myself if that makes sense. Over the last 10 years a major transformation has been happening within me. Sometimes it is absolutely fantastic and other times it is quite confusing.

    I have worked with cosmic light energies for approximately 30 years. But it is only this last 10 years that things have really been moving forward. I have found that I am clairaudient, a phenomenon that when happened at first, was quite bizarre to say the least. I now converse with many beings of Light but, more importantly, I have also been guided as to the best way to protect myself from the not so nice beings. They also guide me where to go on the various Equinox and Solstice periods. It is my understanding that I act as some form of ‘cosmic antennae’ if that makes sense.

    Furthermore, just recently (approx. 9 months ago), I was guided by these beings to research into Runes. It is this research that has further lead me to Seiđr work and thusly lead me to your book. It is your book that answered a few questions for me and I wish to pass this on to you.

    I was amazed that I connected so much with a lot of what you said when a lot of similar books I have read didn’t connect with me on such a deep level. Particularly, I enjoyed the term ‘soul crafting’ … it defines exactly what I am trying to do with my life and I thank you not just for the book but for these two words as it was a real ‘a-Ha’ moment for me … THANK YOU!!!

    Another aspect of your book that I connected with in a big way was that of the ‘song celestial’ concept. For many years, in fact probably more than a decade, I have been hearing not just songs but something that I would term as ‘etheric music’. Prior to hearing these tunes I would have to say I have never heard anything like it. I guess a Christian would probably sum it up as hearing angels but I intuit this as more than just my brain making things up. This ‘Cosmic’ music literally courses through my body tingling all sorts of nerve endings. At times it releases endorphins from my brain to the extent that it can be quite orgasmic (I trust this doesn’t offend). I am now researching a little more into this song celestial phenomena as it seems to have a great deal to do with me, so again, I am very grateful to you for including it within your book … THANK YOU!!!

    I guess the downside to all of this is that I no longer feel a part of our current physical society in fact I now feel quite alienated from it … I guess this is the price to pay as we dissolve our dross and move closer to spirit. My wife and I have even moved well away from cities and townships. We have found this much less painful both on a spiritual, mental as well as physical level . It is not always easy but worth it in the long run.

    I am very fortunate in that I am married to a woman who understands completely what I am going through. She is clairvoyant and is sometimes able to see what is happening to me spiritually. My clairaudience allows me to question Spirit in regards to certain aspects of our lives and to seek guidance accordingly. It took us a while to find each other, and a lot of training prior to finding each other, but I am grateful that we have as our journey is just that little bit more easy.

    I should also add that whilst I really enjoy both the Heathen, Pagan and Druid aspects of what I am doing I don’t feel that I a 100% connection. I certainly have no issue at all as they have all contributed to my growth in some way shape or form. When I ask my family in Spirit they advised me that it is because I belong to the Ved Rus. I have a small understanding of this ancient community and am slowly learning of my role, not just within the Ved Rus, but also for this planet.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this email. I was advised by my Spirit family that you would be grateful to receive it.

    All the best to you on your path to Spirit … a never ending path it is!!!




    1. Hello Richard, and thank you for the thoughtful words.

      Many people who read my book have a strong sense of immediate connection with it. In communication with these folk, many have indeed accessed ‘seidr’ in any number of ways, coming to those same truths that I have written on. Finding my book then is a revelation .. as in your case. Otherwise, yes, we do indeed engage in soul-crafting (or should).

      Yes, again, many have heard the Primal Sounds, but few have been able to identify them to a degree that harmonizes with their understanding. May you continue to enjoy and learn from these deep vibrations!

      As to not feeling “100% connected”, I understand. Though, initially, I used them word ‘heathen’ to describe myself (and in some instances, still do), my connections are deep still.


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