§eiðr Бooks

Voluspa: Seidr As Wyrd Consciousness

The definitive guide on Seidr.  A timeless classic.

~ ~ ~

Forn Threifa: Ancient Healing Touch

Ancient healing, documented, brought to light for today!

~ ~ ~

Seidr Sprehhan: The Sayings of Seidr

The most honest how-to of Seidr available!

~ ~ ~

Heathen Anthology: Volume One

Beyond the myth, there is initiation.

~ ~ ~

Heathen Anthology: Volume Two

Dark Mothers and Dark Runes.

~ ~ ~

Wise Home Foundation: An Invitation

Are You Ready For Real?

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Forthcoming Books:

Unser Weg: Female Mystery Traditions Revealed

Hávamál: The Language of Being

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Essay ~ Available as Chapbooks, upon request:

-Angrboða and Her Dark Sisters

-Animals of the Futhark

-Aptrbrurðr: Reincarnation among the Old European Tribes

-Aurgelmir and the Four Dwarves:  The Sacred Center and Four Directions

-Charming of the Plough: Sexual Union with the Soil

-Flag, Folk and Family, Flax, Fodder and Frith: Old Europe’s Lord and Lady

-The Ninth Spoke: Eight Tides Plus One

-Rosmerta and Her Cows: The Sacred Bovine

-Tangelgarda and the Knots of Death

-Yawning and Hagging: The Fetching Ways

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