Þree Þreads

The Gunas are an IE Philosophical idea. The word has a dual meaning: “string, thread” and “virtue, merit”. From their most basic perspective, they are known as:
-sattva, ‘construction, harmony’,
-rajas, ‘passionate, confused’,
-tamas, ‘darkness, chaos’.
These three are found in all things – from human nature to the cosmos.

“First, in ancient time, was old Aurgelmir’s fixed abode, [the triple enclosure],
when there was no sand or sea, no cooling wave. There was no earth anywhere,
no heaven above, only Ginnunga-gap, the seething void, and nowhere herb.”
Voluspa: Seidr as Wyrd Consciousness (VSWC), verse 3, page 20.

Being an IE tribe, the Germanic folk carried these wisdom traditions with them – to their very DNA even. So it is little wonder that at the heart of Voluspa we find Three Primal Sounds of Creation (ref: -gelmir; of which, there are four listed in Lore). The primary three are:
Thrudgelmir, and
Bergelmir; the fourth is, Hvergelmir

Ginnunga-gap contains the twin streams of Nifl and Muspel, which are the origins of Hvergelmir and Urd’s Well. Where they merge, within Ginnunga-gap’s center, is Mimir’s Well – Grotti’s Staff – fount of creative wisdom. These three Wells and three roots compass origin, outcome, and creative wisdom.

Hvergelmir is the “churning, whirling shrieker”, a vast whirlpool whose rushing creates deafening sound. Found in Niflheim these cold-lunar waters are both ‘past’ and subconsciousness origin. Urd’s Well is the all-embracing soul that births all souls; hers are the waters of life. Found in Muspelheim these warm-solar waters are both ‘future’ and conscious outcome. Mimir’s Well waters the seed of World Tree, the teaching-learning tree who’s other two roots are nourished by the Wells of Hvergelmir and Urd. Found equal distance between the other two, Mimir’s Well is a ‘third eye’, or that which is divine. This Well is the ability to act and understand the act.
-VSWC, page 20

Of interest to me is the #triskel, which has three spinning / moving arms with a central ‘source’ ..

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Would You Know More, And What?

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