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Seidr is *not* ‘shamanic techniques’ (or ‘shamanesque’), yoga or feng-shui, organic gardening or ‘hobbit’ / permaculture housing, vision quests or Vipassana, crystals or Reiki, massage or ‘Celtic’ wisdom, or any Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or Mesopotamian inspired ‘wisdom teaching’.

A general characteristic of neo-shamans and would-be seid-workers, that contrasts *strongly* with traditional Seidbearers, is that the new age spirit-magic user actively works on their own ‘enlightenment’ / betterment / gain / growth. Whereas the Indo-European inspired Seidbearer – who works towards the reclamation of their Ancestral wisdom via research, study and application – knows they are Forn Threifa Healers, literally, ‘Ancient Touch’ applicants that *serve* kin and tribe. In other words: The traditional Seidbearer’s endeavers equal ‘medical school’ where the new age shaman / would-be seid person focuses on ‘personal’ healing and ‘individual’ ‘salvation’.

I have been saying this for decades. In fact, even Michael Harner said this repeatedly, and he is the ‘father of new age / core shamanism’. Yet, few to none of that ilk are interested in historicity.

Another stark contrast is ‘helper’ / ‘guide’ / ‘kindred’ spirits, of which, the new age ‘shaman’ has no loss of. Whereas in the traditional IE approach of the Seidbearer, there exists a struggle with such entities. To think that ‘power animals’ and ‘spirit keepers’ or personal ‘guides’ are simply lining up and waiting to be ‘beckoned’, ‘summoned’ or ‘called up’ is delusional, at least. A wild bear or crow or snake will no more comply to one’s bidding, as an imaginary ‘spirit guide’. The IE Seidbearer struggles over the course of years and decades to learn the means of communication with, the trust of, and gradual alliance with (and upon) such Intelligent Entities; none of which are eager to aid humans in any capacity. Ambiguity exists because life is not a Disney movie or fanciful reality.

The ‘new age’ is individually driven; but then, when lacking a genuine kin or kith or actual tribe, one is berefit of true kinship – or that ‘family’ + ‘condition of being’ (kin + ship). I can’t think of any tale from Heathen Lore that does not equate one’s relations upon first encounters: who-one-is is defined by where-one-comes-from. The idea of individualization stems from Christianization, where one develops a ‘personal relationship’ with Jesus / God. Not surprising then that Americans (and Westerners in general) are raised thinking that any religion outside of Christianity would *not* automatically include such a personalized spiritual fulfilment.

Talk about ‘priviledge’ ..

The internet is burdened with ‘online communities’ where people claim to be ‘filled’, ‘at peace’, ‘made whole’, and ‘content’ with the ‘community’ found there. What sort of reality does this sort of individual live in to think that so-many pixels on a screen constitute community? I personally have seen e-events for “virtual” drumming circles, trance sessions, divination, and even rituals. What all of these indicate – glaringly – is that private, personal, and individual fulfulment is the *overriding* element of all ‘witchcraft’, ‘wiccan’, ‘shamanic’, and what-not practices. To even think that one can engage intimately via the internet – to develop true social contracts, or to purchase or ‘find’ a ‘power object’ – let alone be assisted towards the attainment of true Seidr or ‘magic’ or ‘witchcraft’ or some other such spiritual reality, is indicative of those who are sincerely lazy or stupid, gullible or disillusional.

Bottom line: It is deeply disturbing to see unprepared, unapplied, unqualified, and unaware persons attempting to ‘practice’ ancient and Ancestral practices. The entire idea of ‘shamanic journeying’ as a ‘technique’ is a newageism fostered upon us by Harner, and later *detracted* by him (to *no* avail). The ‘Merican idea of a need-based and quickly-developed, self-fulfilling, interchangeable and electic consumer market of spirito-magical practices is so far-removed from the original IE worldview as to be a comparison between apples and automobiles. ‘Best intentions’ and ‘good will’ mean nothing in the justification of a chicken bone with an attached feather, or a meditation through a tunnel to find one’s personal spirit guide, towards the actual research, study, and application of the primordial Folkway of indigenous Old European tribes.

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  1. Douglas E. Heeren says:

    Good assessment of Dr. Harner. While I applaud Dr. Harner for his academic work and research, his methods are little more than New Age hoaxing in my opinion. I believe Norse shamans exist but tend to think they are not running around trying to convince everyone of their abilities

    . What is your assessment of Robert Moss, I have briefly looked at his books? On a lighter note. I have had four dreams since last December in which a beloved deceased dog of mine is trying to take me somewhere. Really not sure what this means. Maybe in my mind I am still grieving for the dog? In the dreams there is always a bright white light behind the dog and in two of the dreams we are running through a farm field toward a white farm house that I can not identify. In the other two dreams I exited a white building to find the dog waiting for me outside.


    1. Hello Douglas, and thank you for writing.

      I am only vaguely aware of Mr. Moss and his dream work. I am, as a Seidbearer, keenly aware of what I identify as #dreamvision, or that liminal state that may occur during either wakefulness or sleep. It is ‘other’ than a regular dream, notable for its realism and tangibility.


    2. Thank you for writing Douglas. I am not deeply family with Mr. Moss, having only briefly looked at his work.
      Interesting dream about your dog. Sounds like what I refer to as a “dreamvision”, or true insight.


  2. darkbalanceempowerment says:

    A good read Valerie!


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