℞e-℞emember §eiðr!

Life is both Huginn and Muninn –
‘In-Thought’ and ‘In-Memory’ –
Conception and Consciousness.
Yet life is naught without Muninn.

In quiet I hear the voice of my teacher emphasizing the nauthiR to both remember and forget – to hold gratitude and release slight, to remain noble and leave debility. Allowing Huginn and Muninn to perch is to re-remember the singular certainty of impeccable and infinite Wyrd Consciousness. The façade of modernity is that it fades at even the scent of Seidr.

How to do Seidr?

Every morning, upon waking, remember to merge with Wyrd Consciousness, or at the least, Hoher Muot. Filling one’s every breath with either allows one to forego external traps and trappings. This alone is the first step towards Seidr.

Seidr is ‘to tell, to recite aloud, to relate the history, to give example’, to harm and heal, to encourage or coerce will. Seidr is the ability to identify the connectivity between divergent systems to navigate discord to arrive at accord. Seidr is the manipulation of primordial, and so pre-linguistic, energy. Above all else, Seidr is a spiritual path that seeks to traverse all that negates Awe. Seidr, as a Hedgeway, navigates all that which most find ‘not safe’ or ‘outside’ of what society (even culture) dictates. In that many feel alienated by the society they live and work in, they seek out Seidr as an outlet; however, seeking identity does not a Seidfolk make. Where many seek television, few seek silence; where many seek safey and surety, few seek vulnerability and uncertainty; where many seek expectation, few seek non-attachment; where many seek conformity, few seek chaos; where many seek appropriate, few seek irreverence; where many have become resigned, few thrive on Being and Becoming. Many claim to seek the dark, but when thrown in headfirst, flounder in fear. Many claim to seek death, but when glimpsing but its Shadow, cower in prayer for deliverance.

Seidr sites are isolated places where blood and flame give stone the appearance of glass. These creamation grounds are outlying areas, wild and savage, where fierce Runes are craved upon still-moist bone then cast upon fresh skin, in a display of love so intense, many find it repugnant. Such is the akanan of a Seid-heart, that it renders divine fury to those brave enough to be passionately unfettered. And it is, upon this fire, that the Seidhu gives of their self – with three-sided Stang – breath to breath, to the consuming flame that seizes all semblance of self, replacing it with the ash; which they know alone, to stimulate growth.

Seidr involves Rune and Galdr, or exact formulas and recipes for self-development; the details of which differ depending on the individual. Those who live Seidr know that their approach is unique while threading them to the primal currents of Forn Sidr and Forn Threifa, of Runes and Galdr, of Constancy and Continuation, of Dedication and Deliberation, of Patience and Phenology. To live Seidr one must be single-minded, must be forever-pledged to the eternal endeavor of dismemberment; to seek-out and destroy each day any hinderance or fetter.

Seidhus achieve Wyrd Consciousness through trans-worlds awakening. On the smallest scale, this is an absence of identity with one’s body. Again, every morning, upon waking, remember to merge with Wyrd Consciousness, or at the least, Hoher Muot, instead of re-living every ‘little thing’, which is nothing but distraction. For example: one may be sick, but is not sickness; one may be fat, but is not fatness; one may be tired, but is not tiredness. Likewise, time is spent on constant complaint (one’s facebook status, the weather, one’s job, being hung-over, the toilet seat being left up, fed-up with a relationship, the day of the week – the list is endless and pointless). Filling one’s every breath with such clouds the Much-Knowing that is available.

Fetter-free, one is free to begin exploring Out- and Mound-Sitting, and with dedication, one may be graced by the presence of Death Herself. Beyond the construct of society there is the lack of the same, after which comes the boundary, and after that, the Hedge. If one is able to crossover, then they find the multi-dimensional reality that is only hinted at by Wodan’s or Gullveig’s Ordeal. Eventually, one no longer needs a Tree to hang from, for the Tree is within; eventually, one no longer needs the Mound, for the Mound is within. And it is through this level of dedication and discernment that one’s discipline truly beings to take form.

Only over decades is one truly Godwise, being equally skilled in healing and hexing, far-seing and faring-forth, in luck and wyrd, in plant and animal knowing, in blessing and blight. There is no ‘performance’ for the true Seidhu, who choose to spell, to Seid, to only a select few. True Seidhus reside in the cave of their heart, where they stir and simmer spiritual attainment. True Seidhus do not adorn themselves in anything but mad laughter and the art of un-doing. True Seidhus do not bother or obsess over that which has no worth.

Perhaps to the surprise of many, Seidr’s highest praise is for Mother; not the new age and matriarchal image of a sovereign and naturing mother, but of the Well of Creation. From Ginnunga-gap to Grotti, from Nin-hursag to Audhumla – Seething Wombs of Creativity, to Givers of Milk – the oldest names of things are those of goddesses: Dawn, Earth, Limitless, River, Sound, Destruction, Night, Forest, Bounty, and more. These primal women are also known by symbols they share, such as horns, clubs, wheels, scrolls (knowledge), baskets (of food), and lions. Little wonder they have been known since Neolithic times when daily life depended on food and drink, shelter and clothing. Food was hunted or herded, wild harvested or cultivated, and every family relied on clan, who grew into tribe – all around the cyclic turning of The Great Wheel, the Dance of Sun and Moon, constant reminders of reception and reproduction. As a seed from soil, so we emerge from our mother’s womb; we each sit upon Her lap, and when our days are spent, are folded in Her embrace.

Yes, true Seidhus care not for the opinions of others, ignoring what presumed ‘peers’ or society dictates, and have a borderline disdain for religion. If honest, the true Seidhu will tell you they have but one task: To turn to ash all that limits them, to destroy all that would hinder them from Self. Not theory or method, but practice and principle. Which is why the word and practice always falls short of definition, for whatever the Seidhu must do to walk with Mother – even if it means burning the world – then they will. You will find no true Seidhu performing garish rites to pad their ego to draw energy from a gullible public; they will not capitalize through such whoredoms. Instead, they promote silence and sincerity, the true companions of spirituality.

Daily Outsiting reminds us that each day is new, while Mother too reminds us of birthing and beginnings. If such a High Mind is kept without fail, Wyrd Consciousness is attained. But rely not on my words alone; seek your own experience. Seek perthro, seek trial and error, seek potion and poison, seek healing and hexing, keep seeking and never cease.

In the beginning, such teachings were never written, and spoken in whisper from mouth to ear. Today, this information is written and discussed and so open to misinterpretation and argument. Seidr shorn of context is wicca, witchcraft, shamanism without culture, or some other pretext that is gobbled-up like so much fodder and wielded indiscriminately. Which explains why so many fail, why so many bemoan their luck or lack thereof. Assuredly, the lessons in this blog will be misused by the unqualified, for they remain in bondage without knowing; guided by resentment and greed, fear and envy. Find the roots of these fetters within yourself, be on guard for the snares you create, and perhaps one day you will find the path to Seidr.

Work tirelessly towards attracting the primal currents of Forn Sidr and Forn Threifa, of Runes and Galdr, of Constancy and Continuation, of Dedication and Deliberation, of Patience and Phenology. Be unafraid by realizing that what others think does not matter; your potential is your own, shaped only by inner fortitude. Clean your personal slate; follow the seasonal tides, follow the Six Fehus; strive for internal awareness (the knowledge of s/Self); have unshakable determination; put yourself on trial; run from complacency!; suffer without flinching; perfect your experience; do not be deluded by the mirror; be divinely intoxicated; intensify exponentially; and ever Re-remember!

~ ~ ~

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  1. rigsvenson says:

    Inspiring! Those who know seiðr


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