VVeaving VVeal

On a seidr/magic facebook page I am on, someone asked: “Anyone ever heal their self, like really heal something like cancer? Ever wish you could selectively disable parts of your body to work differently? If so, what would be different? Have you? If so, how and with what results?

I replied, “Seidfolk should know how to arrange their DNA.

And the mob lost their minds.

All too often people focus external: ‘casting a circle’, ‘being ridden by a god’, ‘calling a (fill-in-the-blank)’. For me, there is a perfectly viable external template that is a reflection of what is internal (or maybe, it’s vice versa) .. either way, it’s a workable paradigm given to us by our Altmag, so part of our spiritual being.

First, there is The Wheel.
This mirrors our interior landscape.

Second is The Tree.
This too mirrors our interior landscape.

Third, there are The Norns, The Weavers Three.
And yes, this too mirrors our interior being.

Every living thing on this planet moves – either gently or forcefully – with the tides. However, many humans live outside of nature; or perhaps, its better said that they live isolated from nature.

Likewise, the Tree could be used as a metaphor of our body: Trunk and trunk; Roots and veins, arteries; Branches and muscles, bone.

Then there are the Nornir .. ever at work, applying White Clay .. Spinning, Weaving, Cutting.

The Wheel that one may create, as a permanent feature, is likewise spun, woven, and cut. In turn, these actions allow us to align our physical, mental (emotional and intellectual), and spiritual s/Self to n/Nature. In turn, one could change their life.

We all change our clothes, change our attitude, change our mind, change our living conditions, so why not change deeper things? Why not change from sickness to health, from cancer to vibrancy?

Why not sit within your establish Fastness, in your personal space – that has been re-woven from Solstice to Harvest – and spin wellness? Why not create or bring to you that which you most desire for yourself or others? Are you not a Seidbearer?

~ ~ ~

Would You Know More, And What?

“Spider Woman” by Susan Seddon Boulet


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  1. Sandra says:

    Well put! I often see people come into the office with disease processes and we tell them.you need to stop this, and start that, and they say” isn’t there a pill I can take for that”? People have lost the concept that our bodies are our temple and we need to respect them. We don’t have the deep connection to them that we used to. I to use energetic and vibration to help me change things in my body.

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