Эlder Ƒorebears

“Both the Völva and Vitki, as skilled Seið practitioners, are mentioned in a singular galdr with Jötuns:

Iotnar allar fra Aurgelmir komnir. Jötuns all from Aurgelmir come.

What participation, if any, does Seið have with Jötunic energy or origins?

In our beginnings, in our origin lore: There was Ginnunga-gap, the Great Screaming Void, and from this might-filled cauldron of creation, there sprung the Old Ones, the First Ones, who are called High Mountain and Dark Forest, who were known as Fruitful Earth and Natural Law, who were called Endless Sea and Starry Sky, Fiery Volcano and Rising Storm. One is called Sun, and Moon another. Time, one is called, and No-Time, another.

Jötuns are the Elder Forebears. Where the Aesir sought to overpower them, the Vanir sought to bed them. As a Vitki, Wodan extends great energy in the wooing and bedding of the beautiful Gýgjar, such as Gunnloð, Rinda and Billingslaf – Jötunic woman of incredible Seið might. From each, Wodan gained great wisdom: one is a protectress of the Skaldic Mead, another, the Mother of Baldr’s Slayer, and the third, the love of spiritual truth (respectively).

As the Eldritch, Jötuns were sought after for their Seið – their powerful magic. So too does the wise Vitki and Völva do the same; however, this is not an embrace of destructive or chaotic energy, though that may be utilized, but the search for that which strengthens the Folksoul through connectivity with the All.”

Old Europe’s Seið-Bearers: Their Mythic Origins and Lineage, essay (forthcoming)

~ ~ ~

Would You Know More, And What?

Picture Above: Kroda, album cover


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