Ħail Дay!

Hail Day! Hail Day’s Sons!
Hail Night, and Her Daughters!
Look upon us with kindred eyes,
And grant us Might all our long years!
-modified to create galdr, by V. Wright

That the Caledonians paid a superstitious respect to
the sun, as was the practice among many other nations,
is evident, not only by the sacrifice at Baltein,
but upon many others occasions. When a Highlander
went to bathe, or to drink waters out of a consecrated fountain,
he must always approach by going round the place from
East to West on the South side, in imitation of the apparent
diurnal motion of the sun. This is called in Gaelic
going round the right or the lucky way. The opposite
course is taken on those times when the Moon is
perceived to be in greater influence.
-David Crantz, History of Greenland, 1723 CE

~ ~ ~

Would You Know More, And What?


Art by Fidus




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  1. I love Sigdrifa’s words. I wrote about this prayer not too long ago:



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