Heathen Anthology Volume One is complete, and I am working on Volume Two.  The first essay is complete .. on Nerthus and her worship, specifically, how to reclaim her today.  I am working on the second essay, the Hidden Earth Mothers.

The Germanic tribes once had an All-Mother, a primary goddess at the head of their pantheon, but she was replaced by an All-Father.  Not fiction, not femininism, but powerful and frithful, terrifying and blessed woman who even the strongest warriors bowed before.

Hel and Halja, Hlodyn and Jord, Frau Holle and Hulda, all had great temples, numerous rune and name stones, great mounds, and learning centers.  It is time to re-remember and bring back their worship.  Not as shadowy and fringe figures, but remarkable women of brilliance and creativity.  In full light, with horn raised, it is time to call her ‘Mother’ once more.

Would You Know More and What?