Time is mentioned 111 times in my book Voluspa: Seidr as Wyrd Consciousness; because one cannot talk about Seidr without mentioning Time.

The Measure of Time ..

Seidfolk as Time Travelers ..

How Seidr existed Before Time ..

How the average individual has a Distorted Perception of Time ..

How the Wheel, Tree, and Well –
all elements Seidfolk work IN – are Without Time ..

That from a Seidr Perspective, Time is a Myth ..

That, to the Seidbearer, Time is circular. Yet, in seeing it as linear,
one’s perspective too, matches that ordered arrangement ..

Through Knowing a Language – such as Old Norse, Old English, or Old German;
the language of Heathen wisdom teachings – one is able to grasp the inner experience
of the ancestors, and so bring That into everyday reality ..

How Seidfolk access All Time ..

How Dreams and Dream Circles allow the Seidbearer to expand Through Time ..

How Seidfolk are able to chart a course Across Time ..

How Seidfolk realize that, “at every moment there exist infinite probabilities
or forever change. With change comes new courses of action,
and with new courses of action comes new direction of possible outcomes.” (Page 57)

The importance of the Between Times ..

How Time truly does Heal All Wounds ..

The Seidr wisdom of Above Time, Against Time, and In Time, or the Three Made One ..

How at the heart of Seidr, there exists the Purest Potential and Probability,
which are Prior to Time ..

How Seidbearers, by tuning-in to vibrations, follow Probable outcomes ..

And how these examples – and far more –
lead to the condition of Wyrd Consciousness.

Small wonder then that so few genuinely practice Seid, let alone understand it.

I share these examples – written in 2005, and based on thirty plus years of personal research into Seidr – because I just watched ‘Arrival’. This film, if I may, introduces Seidr, or the concepts I mention above. To include the importance of understanding the ancestral language to better realize Heathenry today.

Would You Know More, And What?


 An Invitation


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