#Seidr is strength. The strength of body, mind and will. #Seidfolk are descended from wolves. They roam society but are not part of it. They are the shapers of their environment, the weavers of their wyrd, the master of their becoming.

Seidr is strength and those who live it make their body strong, for they know: Only in a strong body will the Iron Maid emerge. Only a strong mind will the Thrice Burnt rise.

Unlike sheep, Wolfkin walk the wild and ruined places. Running in deep woods, swimming across rivers, emersed in ancient texts, and mumbling thoughts long thought died .. Seidfolk are feral and unapologetic.

Seidr is a lifestyle. It is not Witchcraft, for that is but the twisted remnant left by the crushing hand of Christianity. Seidr is isolate acuity through #WalkingTheWheel and #MuchKnowing of Rounwytha.

Some magic-users seek to ‘merge with the one’, or ‘harm none’, and others speak of ‘chaos’ or ‘darkness’ in obscure terms, while Seidfolk hone their sharp edge and walk boldly through the Flaming Wall.

#Disting has come.  The Lady has returned.  Born of water, rising from the Well, her flame burns bright among #Wyrdfolk.

Stang and Stone!


Would You Know More, And What?

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Pic above: The Author after swimming 1,000 meters

Pic below: Witch Posts; territorial markers