§cal ℭu ~ ∀ §eiðr ₸ide


For me, the beauty of Scal Cu is its Nothingness.

Every aspect of the Wheel is allotted an energy:

half is male / god, and half is female / goddess;

then the elements have their shares;

and the numerous attributes and correspondences.

Not Scal Cu.

It is the Phantom Wolf .. a dark figure in the periphery ..

ever present but just out of sight.

It is a feeling, a tingling of the flesh,

that rush in the belly that tells you something

is about to happen but doesn’t give any details.

For some .. this is terrifying .. so accustomed, as some are,

to knowing a thing, or being prepared for a thing ..

even if it’s only an inclination of an idea.

And it is always this way .. the not-knowing.

I’ve experienced several decades of Scal Cu

and the only certainty I have is ‘Expect Nothing’.

As much as Seiðr is Wyrd Consciousness ..

Seiðr is Soul .. the singular path of Soul.

Seiðr seeks the divine in purpose through practice.

Seiðr is no jarl, karl or thrall, but an autocracy ..

an individual apotheosis of steadfast Stang and Stone.

If one has no control of their life,

which is the physical manifestation of the Soul,

they do not know Seiðr.

If one is ever buffeted by change, drama and turmoil,

which are the ripples ever sent out by other beings,

then one does not know Seiðr.

When everything is spinning out of control ..

Seiðr is the Still Eye Within the Storm.

As Tyr, Seiðr is the Pole Star around which all Worlds turn ..

As Donar, Seiðr is the Hammer from which all havoc is wrecked ..

As Frija, Seiðr is the Much-Knowing from which solutions are seen clearly ..

As Wodan, Seiðr is the Journey from which all answers are found ..

As Phantom Wolf, Seiðr is the primal fount – steady and open,

shrouded in shadow and mist – that leaves one either spiritually mute

and soul-confused, or gifted with the seeds of growth and renewal.

You see, one must atone during Scal Cu to be truly purified ..

a process that may take decades.

Once accomplished, one emerges with Forn Þreifa (divine touch) to heal,

with Spá to see, with prosperity to grow, and with strength to transform.

Scal Cu is wild and untamed .. so dangerously useful.

It is the wild howl, the amber beast, but more than anything else,

it is the desire to eliminate and eventually devour all that is unreal.

~ ~ ~

Would You Know More, And What?



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