Ұule ~ Ŋinth Ŋight ~ Ħealing

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Again, following an older Pagan calender, I have decided to dedicate the Ninth Night to Healing. You can read last years post here.

Since then, I have published my book on Healing: Forn Þreifa: Ancient Healing Touch.  It is the only book to focus on the original energy healing techniques of Old Europe, while exploring the herbs and stones, Runes and Galdr, that the Healer would have employed. Yet, as ground-breaking as this is, modern-day Asatruers, without ever reading it, will bash it as “new age” or “wiccan”.

Which is just one of the reasons why I stepped away from that group, to not only better focus on Old European Heathenry, but to contribute in the healing of Heathenry overall. You see, my folkway is not limited to a Scandinavian box, or one brimming with hate, which further breeds narrow-mindedness. My practice is a Healing one, for it seeks to repair the physical, emotional, and intellectual facet of Being and Becoming.

Time and again I hear both Asatruar and Heathens alike use the word “hail”; little realizing that this stems from Old English hale and whole, holy and hallow .. and health. Yes, health is integral to the ordinary moments equally as it is to the sacral ones. All the more reason to celebrate it .. to learn about it .. to better apply it to every level of our own being.

As a Heathen I choose to be Happy, Healthy, and Wholly Holy .. which makes for a powerful bindrune.


Would You Know More, And What?


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