M̪y Дark Ƒortnight in Seiðr ~ §avage Ǥod


This last Дark Ƒortnight has found me immersed in Seiðr, Art, and Research ..
The perfect place for a Seiðbearer and Wolf Woman!

I want to share a bit about the Calendar. Not the current Pagan calendar,
but the lunisolar calendar of pre-Christian Europe.
Nor is this a rigid reckoning, for there never was a set summation
standard to all of #OldEurope.
I am referring to the vibrant calendar, a living and evolving measure;
one derived from a lifetime of annotation and praxis (literal, not figurative).

Currently, the tide is Samhain, the first of two earth tides
(the other is Cron Huel / Dark Wheel / Yule.

Following eight points on a wheel, which many may consider modern,
I consider traditional based on location. Again, let me interject here ..
all calendar reckonings are regional .. as of old, so today.
The only artificial construct being the strictly solar alignment of the Church.

So in my reckoning, Samhain is the first earth tide, and as I have said before,
is a nine-day long celebration. Akin to Yule’s twelve-days.

Samhain is Death .. not metaphorical but actual.
One simply cannot have life without death, or ancestors unless they have passed.
In addition, I have correlated a great many correspondences for every tide –
from animals to colors to herbs and plants to stones to psychological aspects to
healing #FornThreifa, to spells, songs and #Galdr.
All of which go towards bolstering one’s personal work;
and not all are used by everyone. It’s rather a learn-as-you-discern sort of thing.

Samhain is the Rise of the Dark Lord .. the Wild, Feral, and Dangerous God.
This is not a love-and-light, warm-and-fuzzy God, but Freyr’s Charging Boar,
the Berserker’s Ferocious Bear, and Fenrir’s Savage Wolf.
When Witches of Yore spoke of ‘Bringing Down the Darkness’,
this is Who they meant.

Yet, His is the energy of Past Life Re-remembrance, of the Summation of Potential,
and for me, as a #Seiðbearer, the Tide of Unwounding.
Traditionally, animals would have been taken to pasture an Beil Tintean /
Beltain / May Day, and returned at Samhain. From Grass to Grain.

As a Fire Tide, my favorite part of Samhain is the extinguishing of
all light and started anew. Sitting in complete darkness, the stillness of woods about you,
one feels the presence of the Mad God as easily as His steps boom on forest floor.
Rekindling that flame anew .. in the cold, shivering .. is a promise,
a blessing that is taken into the hearth, into the kitchen, to every candle,
as assurance of protection from dread.

This is his Boon for those who Remember.

Samhain is Legacy .. both one’s personal traditions, and those passed to us
from Ancestors long removed from memory. Samhain is an inheritance,
just as the sacrality of making fire from flint and kindling is a magic
far greater than any other, so too is that which we possess at the level of our #folksoul,
our legacy and birthrite. The Church robbed many of that heirloom,
and have cursed it in every succeeding generation.
Evenso, there are those who have kept those fires alive.
For myself, I was born with a “fire in the head”, a spark I have seen likewise in others.
As my grandmother, the Welsh Witch, often said:
“The Old Gods are not dead, but think we are.”

Let the Dark Lord hear your call!
Run with Him, Dance with Him, Sing His praise, and rekindle the flame from nothingness,
so He and All Wihts will know that there are those among humankin who
Remember the Wyrd Ways!

Would You Know More, And What?

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

Photograph above: Cernunnos, the Horned God
Copyright © Christophe Dessaigne (France)


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