Бlack Ƒlame


Potter at her fire stared but briefly – white-hot the ox-hide bellows blew.
Away she looked and the Black Flame saw.
Mariner reckoned his way by star and moon,
looked long upon Her, and Black Flame saw.
Took in the darkness, silent came, like mist upon wave –
and sweat came chill soon after.
Crewman cried, “Cursed luck!” or “Worm’s bite!”
as warm coasts plied and biters bit their arms.
One alone unbit, whom the Black Flame oozed out – as yew to resin.
Alone in wind-swept stone-hut, the herder saw not Her
warm face these many weeks – buried She was beneath Her Maidens’ Shields.
Turning from fire he warmed his back and opened the Great Eye,
and the Black Flame rose.
Sprëhhan 43: Seiðr Sprëhhan: The Sayings of Seiðr (forthcoming book)

Where some may equate this with Wodan’s Eye in Mimir’s Well here, others will know it as the isolate acuity of Seiðr.

Hildegard von Bingen wrote that her visions: “Are a darkly flame that fill my mind and body.” (ref: Scivias)

Akin to Seiðwomen of yore, Hildegard traveled across the land delivering sermons and dispensing blessings and healing touch (Forn Þreifa); in particular, she spoke out against the indolence of the clergy, the corruption of secular leaders, and her disregard of their self-anointed righteousness.

As a Seiðwoman, I consider the Black Flame to be the result of a fearless practice.

For those familiar with the Black Sun, it is recognized that there is as much to be said as there is to be not-said. Seiðr too is of that distinction, of the Other, of liminal spaces, as attested to time and again within the Lore; which does not make it a necessarily harmful practice, but as is noted in Egil Skallagrímsson’s saga, this is a learned skill, not something merely picked up and applied in a few weeks or months.

Simply: The Black Flame is the divine spark within man, the noble and incorruptible aspect that shines exclusively upon the Übermensch. It is the Three Made One, as it transcends the notion of duality, or the ‘conflict within man’. Before realization of the Black Flame, one must first transcend the Cloud of Unknowing, which, in itself, is only arrived at after crossing Ginnunga-Gap. It is not seen through mundane eyes, nor grasped by any hand that has not dared The Spear. Those who resist change, who revel in stasis, unable to see past the hedge – let alone the Threads and Rivers, the Wells and Wheel – will never bear the Three-Sided Wound of Wod.

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