M̪y Дark Ƒortnight in Seiðr ~ Oct 7


Sunna still warms the air enough to nourish the tomatoes, peppers, and gourds
that bloom small blossoms in the garden. Yet, each night grows more chill,
and Night lingers longer – consuming the light.

The Horned One stalks the Wild Wood ..

I heard His footfall on my morning run. Mist hung heavy on dew laden leaves
in hollow recesses as my footfall echoed on wild trail. I smelt Him first.
That musk .. the rut .. the ..
seething sensation of darkness that triggers heightened awareness.
I was not alone in this still dark wood.

I did not slow my pace .. for I have encountered Him before; or those who stalk with Him. Instead I stayed my course and began a Galdr.
A tune I know, from experience that He favors. Not for the faint of heart that meter,
for He harkens to it – as Bear to pungent fish.
And akin to that, one is best prepared for the outcome.

Yes, I continued to run and Galdr, when His hoof-fall fell into line with my own.
Looking over my right shoulder, He keenly stayed within perphereal.
So it was He who initiated the Chase .. the game of running and leaping ..
of tempting me further afield .. far from worn track. And I followed.
But then, how could I not .. beckoned as I was .. toyed with even .. tempted ..
to encounter, once more, the Horned One.

He did not tease.

Heart pounding, for I was running faster than I usually do ..
Sweat pouring. It was 40d but my skin was drenched ..
Senses heightened, He brushed in front of me .. close enough to touch.

His scent heavy and sensual .. tempting ..
I could hear his heart pounding next to my own .. and His breath ..
As mist, as my own, hung heavy in chill air.

I stopped. No more footfall .. only deep breath and the pounding of my heart ..
And there He was .. but a few strides before me.


His muscles rippled as a slow smile came upon His face.
Eyes glistened, as a soft sigh left His lips.
Then all fell silent .. as if a vacuum had descended about us,
robbing the sound of rushing blood in ears, of chirping tree frog,
of night noise fading into day sound ..
A Caul of Stillness engulfed us.

His face grew somber as He asked, “Are you ready?”

Tempted. This time of year .. so much loss, and a pain that sears fresh
and hot during the cooling year. Part of me whispers ‘Yes’,
while my voice chokes on that reply ..
Leaving only an open mouth with escaping breath in reply.

He smiles softly. Heartbreakingly endearingly.
Painful in its sweetness to look upon ..
His Grace is incomprehensible…
and it breaks my heart so that I collapse into tears.

Knees pressed into dark earth, Dawn caresses my ears,
forest floor now my couch, I lay folded and broken like one left behind once more ..

But by choice.

Now Is Not The Time ..
Irmin’s Feuer . Ar . Rita

Slowly I rise from where I have left but scant marks upon soil that
will not bear witness to my passing. Only when my bones reside deep,
will my Earth Song be sung.

Deep I breathe the now warming air, as light casts beams of golden hue in the distance ..
Beckoning that I return to brilliance, for I shall not pass today.

Gathering myself, brushing dirt from skin and clothing, I continue my forest run;
my only companions now are squirrel and fox, songbird and eagle.

Wheel turns to Dark .. and all is as it was in the world.

~ ~ ~



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