More than a ‘witch’, Baba Yaga is a Goddess of Nature – primordial and psychic;
She determines the measure of life and the depth of darkness.
She is a Confrontress ..
a Destructress ..
without hubris She is a delicious Devouress.
When people speak of the ‘heart of darkness’,
without knowing, they speak of Mother Yaga.

She is a Churning Void of Unfathomable Horror – of destruction and creativity,
of direct confrontation and revealing humanization.
For those who seek Wyrd Consciousness, She is that Mirror.
Her cup is Augelmir’s Skull, Her gifts are Dark Arts,
for She – and She alone – teaches one to weave anger, aggression, and violence.
There is no ‘love and light’ here. She is the Shadow’s Shadow.

Ugly and with a voracious appetite, She cares not for one’s ego.
She is no ‘benevolent mother’ figure.
Gather close, and she will burn your ego’s false need to not-care.
Prepared or not, She will brutally liberate the seeker.
Mother Yaga forces one to look at the ‘nice girl’,
the ‘princess’, the ‘compliant’, and do more than rebel in idea,
but devour all internal weakness.
For this, She is called ‘Harsh Mistress’.

The more secrets one thinks they hold, the deeper Her gaze.
Then, when one cowers from excruciating confrontation .. She Prods.
By Terror, She titrates one’s soul, exposing all the secrets hidden therein;
and the deeper the concealment, the more the gut-wrenching exposure
one suffers .. unless they set to fire the flame within their skull!

~ ~ ~

Photo credit:  Anna Varney and Sopor Æternus