3 Ħerbs 9 ℞unes


Take a bramble apple, and lupins, and pulegium,
pound them, then sift them, put them in a pouch.

Lay them ‘neath the stone altar.

Sing nine runes over them, put the dust into milk,
drip thrice some holy water upon them.

Administer this in drink at 3 hours and 9 of morning.

-Leechdoms, Wortcunning and Starcraft of Early England, being a collection of document, for the most part never before printed, illustrating the history of science in this country before the Norman Conquest, in three volumes.

Not by magic alone did the Heathens of Yore heal. Today, many look upon these books as “superstitious”, or worse, as “barbaric”. There is wisdom found here for those who have eyes that §eið. Herbal lore that works as well today as it did when first prescribed.

Yes, there was ‘magic’ as well ~ trust in the invisible, intangible, and impersonal might that may harm or heal. It was only the Forn Threifa Healer, applying their years of learning and application, who knew both the herbs to use and the methods that may re-weave doom.

~ ~ ~

Would You Know More, And What?

disc & v rod 1.ai


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