Ƒirst Ŋine


The first §eiðr Art Card Original & Editions (S-ACOE) have been mailed today.

A very auspicious day!

The first Nine members will receive the first Nine original works of #SeidrArt from Wise Home!

Because of their membership, they are already enjoying the benefits of a value-content, exclusive group. When discussing the Wyrd, Wicked and Wild Ways of Old European §eiðr  and Witchcraft, Runes and Ogham, Galdra and Lorica, Dark and Otherworld Arts, it is best to be in an environment free from internet trolls.

But beyond the luxury of an active admin, there are gifts! From §eiðr  Art Cards to §eiðr BookMarks, to excerpts from §eiðr  essays and information on my latest books, and more. This is an inside view at its best.

The Invitation is open .. join us for unfettered insight, traditional practice through a modern lens, and knowing that your contribution will contribute to the preservation of the Old Ways.

Asatru and Heathenry do have a Spiritual side – one that has been conflated with new age practices for too long.  When you are Ready for Real, then you will be welcome at Wise Home.


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