M̪y Дark Ƒortnight in §eiðr ~ 25 August

branch weave

I have been busy working on a project that, until now, was only an imagining.  With years of consideration, deliberation, and planning, I have committed myself to both a .com and a #patreon page.

It could be argued that I am already a full-time writer – if it weren’t for the Personal Training and Trail Running.  But now, I am aiming on making it official, and I must admit, I’m a tad nervous.  But then, that’s what happens when we step outside our box.

So the Wise Home Foundation is a page where I will post essays and insight on such topics as Seiðr, Runes, Trolldom, and Gygjar, in conjunction with my Original Seiðr Art.  But Wise Home is also a group on facebook; a members-only, value content place where the Wyrd Ways can be discussed in a frithful environment.  (Free from the eyes and hate of non-DOers.)  And its very inexpensive: Just 12$ to be invited to the group, receive a Letter of Welcome, and get an Original Seiðr Art Card.  Someone mentioned that the price was “too low” for what I was offering, but I’m of the mind its the right price to keep the haters away.

Next is the Patreon page.  If you are not familiar with what that is, its where artists of all sorts can connect with their fanbase.  There, you can pay the 12$ to join Wise Home, or you can donate more (its all listed in the “Rewards” section); and I am offering loads of great goodies for those who support me as both Scholar and Seer!

So, if you are like me – namely, #ReadyForReal – then you’re ready for Wise Home.  Because those of likemind have much to offer both each other, and those they care for.





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  1. I just paid for the membership and am looking forward to being a part of the Wise Home Foundation group. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

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