Ѵefrett Ѵolu


Tell me know, my little vala, what I ask you.
For truth, your reward, sweet butter,
For lie, to the fire you go!

The knucklebones of prophecy, where once thought to have been used by Gullveig-Heid and Hyndla, Veleda and Groa, and perhaps even Wodan learned to use them from the Far-Seeing Women.

In my journeys – from volustadr to Spakonfell – my bones have been companions. My ‘little vǫlva’s’ were gifted to me by a Sámi Noaide (shamans), who taught me to “care, feed, and love” them. And I have. Over the years, the bones have gifted me in return, so that now I am voluspakur, “knuckle-wise”.

Folk Ways are never truly lost, but linger with us, disguised. It is thought the bones once held a prominent place in Seiðr, but when this was suppressed, they were used by fortune tellers. From here they found their way to children’s games, were used to wind clews of yarn, and dyed brown or green and carried for good luck.

For those writing a dissertation or seeking a vellum manual for their use, the bones have long since vanished. For those who walk the Old Ways daily – who value tradition and mist-memory, and so dare to re-remember – the bones, akin to the runes, may call if you but listen.

~ ~ ~

Would You Know More, and What?


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