Överhogdal Ƭapestry

overhogdal taperstry

The Överhogdalstapeten, or Överhogdal Tapestries, from the Viking Age,
depicts four 8-legged horses, one with 7-legs, and three with 6-legs.
Also shown are elk and reindeer with 6-legs.
One of the 8-legged horses has a single rider, and another has two.
Certainly, combined as they are, not all of these horses are Sleipnir
Wodan’s famed stead.

What we are seeing here are Seiðr Horses –
the mounts of Northern Noaides (shamans).
(Recount Halja’s 3-legged horse.)

Notably, the number eight figures prominently in
Seiðr Sprëhhan: The Sayings of Seiðr (forthcoming book).
Specifically, as the number of lessons / steps given for any number
of actions deemed necessary in the performance of a sacred deed.

Beyond doubt, a broader lens is needed in the study of Seiðr;
something I have been applying for over 36 years.
As more archaeological information comes to light,
it is clear the Seiðr was a prominent feature,
and may well inform substantial insight into the Viking mind.


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