Өld Өnes and Ƒorest Đwellers


Hárbarðr qvaþ:
„Nam ec at † monnom
þeim enom aldrǫnom,
er bva i hęimis hꜹgom.“

Þorr qvaþ:
„Þo gefr þv
gott nafn dysiom,
er þv kallar þęr heimis hꜹga.“
-Hárbarðsljóð 44-45

Harbard: I learn from the Old Ones, those who are Forest Dwellers.
Donar: That’s a good name for burial cairns, and those who call the woods ‘home’.

Hyndla, the Gýgjar, is described as a “Forest Dweller” (among other things).
The forest is a thread that weaves the Otherworld to the world of the living.
In Old European Lore, the ‘forest’ is not part of the living world, but Beyond, a literal
gateway to the realm of Elves, Jötuns, and Ancestors.

To be Much-Knowing in Seiðr, one must roam the forest ..


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