M̪y VVeek in §eiðr ~ §ol Ħuel

sol huel

I am the Queen of Every Hill”, says the Yellow and White Goddess, who places Fire over Earth on this longest day – this fecund day!

Dance among the trees”, She says ..
Burn your old brooms and make new ones”, She says ..
Gather the healing herbs”, She says ..
Craft divining rods from wicker”, She says ..
Look forward fearlessly”, She says ..
Count wisely the Twelve Days of Sol Huel!”, She says ..
Live, laugh, love!” .. She says ..

She is Áine, whose name means “delight, harmony, radiance, and truth”. She is the Fairy Queen.

On solstice eve, even today, many will gather upon Her hill, and beneath this tide’s full moon, will Galdr and drum as they await Sunna’s Rise, watching Her golden thread set aflame the Grange Stone Circle at Lough Gur. And it was there, that She came to a human man, to become his wife, and bear his children. That man was Gearóid Iarla, the 3rd Earl of Desmond – my grandsire.

Yes, Áine’s might flows in my veins. Today, those who live in the area, speak of Her fondly, as ever-present, as “the best-hearted woman that ever lived”, as the Red Woman.
Hail to Thee, Woman of All Seasons ..
Mother of Stars, who calms the wide ocean.
Without fear we bid You enter our hearts,
Queenly Maid who blesses our hearth!

She is the giver of the Folk Voice. Hear Her at the Summering, when sun meets Aes Sídhe, where river flows through hill, and flame catches on breeze, where art and craft are the warp and weft of Her gown.

On this day, She will rain brilliance upon Lough Gur ..
Flame through the spired stones at Externsteine ..
Trace the coiled edges upon Serpent Mound ..
Cast long shadow at Stonehenge ..
And spin the Triple Spiral at Newgrange ..
Across the world, the Longest Day graces us with Fairy Whirlwinds – as Wild Hunt Fury – that rush to those who Dare!

Dare to be wise .. Sapere aude!
Dare to reclaim the Wyrd and the Will!

Dare to sing .. as Kari and Tonya ..
Dare to draw and paint .. as Christina ..
Dare to drum and speak with horses .. as Misha ..
Dare to Galdr the Wolf .. as Troy and Paul ..
Dare to write and teach .. as I do ..

Those who dare strengthen the Lineage, the thread that won’t be broken.
Eru vaulur allar fra Vidolfui,
vitkar allir fra Vilmeidi,
seidberendr fra Suarthofda,
iotnar allir fra Ymi komnir.

Those Wisewoman all from Far-Roaming Wolf
Wisemen all from Choosers of the Longbeam
Singers of the Old Ways from Black-Beheaded One
Jötuns all from First-Shrieker come
~Hyndlulióð 33

This is a Galdr, and for those who Know, it contains great wisdom.
Wunjo . Sowulo . Eoh . Gera

Strive to the Gard . Might is found there .
Hanging Tree of Life and Death . Ever Turning without end .

During these Twelve Days of Solstice, set Fire over Earth, uphold Semen and Blood, run and sweat, challenge and engage! Be Liberated in Sunna’s Light, and make ready for Wolf Age to come!




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