M̪y VVeek in §eiðr ~ Ĵune 14

my week june 18

I joined a Heathen organization.
Which one is not pertinent, because it’s not about ‘them’
but where and who I am right now.

For over a decade now I have washed my hands
of all Heathen organizations; and not wantonly.
In truth, I have been a paying member of all such
organizations in the United States, and a few in Europe.
Affiliation with them was not based on ideological loyalty
so much as personal ideology; so that,
I joined because their perspective either matched or
was similar to my own – at that time.

Having been Heathen since my 20s,
it’s fairly easy to look back at not just where I have been
but who I was at a particular time.
An important demarcation few fail to realize,
let alone acknowledge.
You see, people like to think that ‘other people’
don’t change, which is a tad absurd when one understands
that change is a condition of all being.
Anyone who says they have not changed, is either lying,
is pathological, and/or a troll.

‘Today’, in this ‘moment’ (which Ive been residing in
for over a decade now), I have been researching and
practicing Seiðr for more than thirty-six years.
My insights from this dedication are bountiful and profound,
and mostly related in my books and essays;
but one thing I want to stress is ..
Skin color doesn’t matter. One’s soul does.

A couple of decades back, I came to realize that culture is topical.
Needless to say, this put me at odds with both people I knew
and organizations I affiliated with.
No worries, because being true to those truths that are revealed
through and to me, is all that matters.

Over the almost sixty years that I have been a resident of Earth,
I have traveled the planet – from India to Austria,
from Ireland to the Czech Republic, from Finland to Luxembourg,
from France to Nepal, from Russia to the United Kingdom,
from Romania to Andorra. Couple that with journeys to
Helheim and Zemlja, to Tír na nÓg and the Seven Vyahrtis,
to the Road Across the Sea and the Road From the Sea,
then it’s safe to say that intellectually and emotionally I have recognized,
accepted and appreciated the differences that exist between people and places.
Yet, it is not about the languages I speak and have spoken,
the sacred rites I have witnessed or partaken in,
the worldview I have acquired or the interconnectedness that I have witnessed
that defines where and who I am right now.

It is my Seiðr that does this.
It is my Wyrd Consciousness, brought about through Seiðr that does this.
It is my imminence of experience that does this.

Seidr is who and what I am.
It has been with me since before birth.
It has been the ‘fire in my head’, or the motivating force that has me,
at every turn, searching for ‘why’ and ‘wherefore’.
My inquisitive body and mind are but mere reflections of my inquisitive nature.
Likewise, this actualization of s/Self has led me to realize that nation,
culture, and society – though exerting tremendous influence on values and viewpoint –
are for those too weak to hold themselves apart from the flood of daily living.
In hindsight, my four books and hundreds of essays,
all on the subject of Seiðr either directly or in-directly,
have been and continue to point / prompt the reader to recognizing
that they stand at a threshold.
That socially and psychologically, we each have an opportunity to live
within a tapestry of interwoven cultures while maintaining our unique and individual thread.

You are part of a Greater Loom.

Right now ..
-a teen in Moscow is playing Overwatch and learning English
from a German and an Australian;
-a Japanese family has their television set tuned on an
American baseball team;
-a Canadian family has a Buddhist water fountain and Hindu
wall tapestries depicting Ganesha and Shiva decorating their home;
-young adults in Singapore and Hong Kong are paying outrageous prices
for used vintage blue jeans;
-seniors in Florida are taking a course in how to make
traditional Indonesian batik;
-Native Americans on Reservations are creating
Hip-Hop raps and videos;
-physicians in California are taking classes in Acupuncture and Ayurveda;
-in my kitchen, at lunch, I made homemade Japchae.

And none of this – None Of This – detracted from the personal relationship
I have with my Ancestors, my Tivar, the Náttúra, or who and what I am.

Embrace the fact that communication and cultural exchange are
the preeminent conditions of the twenty-first century.

Today, I am a new person.
In truth, I wake-up a new person every day,
because I look back at Urðr,
look with “new eyes” upon Verðandi,
then cast “my sight further”, at what I can accomplish with Skuld.

As a Seiðwoman I honestly view the ‘past’,
as I relish the ‘present’, and look onward into ‘necessity’.


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