ДreamѴision – ₸wo Ųncles

shaman sea dream

I journeyed as Wolf to a place of power.

Not my place, but one where

Song Spirits Sprayed the Sky from Seafoam.

A healing place .. a place to salvage synergy,

and return with it.

There was a cottage there, made of washed-up sand,

shell, and sea-shaped wood.

There was a light .. so I entered.

At a table sat two Uncles, singing softly.

They never looked up as I entered,

only placed a bowl at the table for me.

It was a rich broth of fish, lush fat floating

on the surface as seaweed upon rough waters.

As I supped it began to rain softly.

Seaweed from the rafters swayed and dropped

rainbow-captured drops upon and about me.

One after another, as the drops landed upon my skin,

they burst into flame – liquid fire burning through me.

I continued to eat,

having known such experiences from many lifetimes of such work.

The Uncles then spoke together:


Then sang me a song of healing.

Their words revealed a sky-pool, from which a ladder descended –

heaven and earth became connected,

spirit and mountain wove,

serpent and sea-eagle screamed.

At every location where water-fire bore through my skin,

knowledge of a medicinal herbs wormed into my blood,

and burst upon my brain.

Full-Knowing ..


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