M̪y VVeek in §eiðr

beil tintean fire

I celebrated Бeil ₸intean (my family tradition, ‘Fire Burning Month’) with the nine sacred trees found in the ℒand of M̪ound §hamans: Бirch and ∅ak, ∀lder and ∀sh, ℞ed ℭedar and VVillow, Ħawthorn, Ħemlock and Ħackberry.

The ℒady is in Her full might at this ₸ide, so I cast both Бones and ℞unes to honor Her.  With all the lovely flowers in bloom, I decided to make the VVater of ℒife for a friend.

healing hands

Ħealing Ħands / Ƒorn Þreifa

water of life

VVater of ℒife

After the §ix Дays of Бeil ₸intean, I re-affirmed my dedication to Ħalja by writing an essay about Her horse Ħelhest.  So much of the ∅ld Эuropean ℒore is overlooked, especially if it has a hint of ∅therness.

Helhest horse 2


Feeling artistic, I pondered the Ѵalknut, and Ħalja’s M̪ound, so journeyed to a local M̪ound for Útiseta.  It is important that Heathen women today – if so inclined – understand the importance of being Trollwise.  To that end, I wrote a letter to a friend, and released my fourth book: Forn Þreifa: Ancient Healing Touch.

creepy surreal strange macabre mystérieux photography enchanted magic sadness witch creepy dark skulls woman smoke forest

₸roll VVise

letter tonya

ℒetter to a Ƒriend

forn threifa

And, I ran a 50k (32 miles) in 5 hours and thirty-six minutes.


To that end, it has been a good week ..



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