Ƒriday the Þirteenth

frija throne

Friday, the thirteenth. Nothing to fear.

Friday is Old English Frīġedæġ, and Frīatag in Old High German; both mean Frige’s Day.
Frigg was equated to Venus among the ancient Romans, and older still is the Indo-European shukra, meaning “light”, and today is the Sanskrit name for Venus.

Many confuse this day for Freyja’s Day, but she was only found in Scandinavia, so not common to all the Old European Tribes. Confound that with Frija, the Old High German name of Frigg, and the confusion is clear.

Frija/Frigg is “foremost among the goddesses” (Gylfaginning).
She is the vinr (“friend”) of all women, those involved in household management and the domestic arts, marriage and motherhood.

She is a Spáwife (spá, “to pry, look: to prophesy, foretell”), a ‘prophesying woman; a prophetess’, who participates in the Wild Hunt. Her companions are
-Eir, the Goddess of Healing,
-Hlín, a warrior woman who protects,
-Gná, a swift messenger, and
-Fulla / Volla (named in the Second Merseburg Galdr), a healing woman.

Frija’s name means, “to propose, to love, friend, beloved”.

And what of thirteen? It is often considered a woman’s number:
-the average number of menstrual cycles a year,
-from numerology, it is the number of blood, fertility, and lunar potency,
-the number of revolutions the moon makes around the Earth in a year,
-pre-Christian cultures equate the number thirteen with the Great Mother Goddess.
-Traditional Witchcraft Covens (meaning ‘to convene’) where said to contain thirteen women.

Thirteen is also said to represent:
-the ability to Adapt, Adjust, and Accommodate,
-organization and stability,
-genius and virtue,
-trials and tests that prompt spiritual growth (Peorth Rune), and
-Right Good Will.

The American Founding Fathers knew the significance of Thirteen.
Annuit cœptis, the Latin motto on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, meaning: She Favors our undertakings. Likewise,
E pluribus unum, Out of One, Many.
In addition this set of thirteen letters, there are:
-13 Eagle Feathers,
-13 Stripes,
-13 Arrows,
-13 Leaves,
-13 Berries, and
-13 Stars.
This latter forming a Hexagram, also known as the Satkona Yantra, which symbolizes the Union of Man with God. In addition, the Founding Fathers purposefully employed the phrase ‘July the Fourth’, and the date of independence (July 4, 1776), because both amount to thirteen (letters and numerically). But why? Because Thirteen is the number of right rulership.

On the other hand, one reason thirteen may be equated with Death, to include being the thirteenth page from the Book of Tarot, is that, in Medieval England, the Hangman’s fee was 13 pence; and so became related with the Grim Reaper. Evenso, the page of Death is misunderstood, for it indicates transformation and change, not finality.

Putting aside the Christian-based fear, Friday the Thirteenth then, is a cause for celebration.
A day for:
Luck and Love,
The Lady and Light,
Learning and Lineage ..

Lagu . Lagu . Lagu!
The Rune of Intuition and Idealism, of
Blessing and Deep-Mind, of
Continieity and Germination.

On this day, embrace Wyrd Consciousness, count your Blessings, and above all, be Grateful for the Goddess!

~ ~ ~

Picture: Frigg on Her Throne, artist unknown, circa1850



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