creepy surreal strange macabre mystérieux photography enchanted magic sadness witch creepy dark skulls woman smoke forest

Troll kalla mik;
Tungl Sjöt-rungnis, auðsug jötuns.
Élsólar Böl, Vílsinn Völu,
Vörð Nafjarðar, Hvélsvelg Himins.
Hvat er troll, nema þat?
~Skáldskaparmál 233

‘₸roll’, they call me;
Moon’s Assembled Ring, easily seen Ǥýgjar.
Sun’s Boss (deflecting blows), Vǫlva’s Companion,
Warder of Earth, Wheel of Heaven –
What is a Troll but this?

Notice the pronounced V’s and H’s here.
Wunjo and Hagl
Pleasure and Protection
Conscious Will and Skillful Way ..
This is to be ₸rollVVise

~ ~ ~

Photograph: Maerchenstaub


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