hel norn

Seiðbearers: Those who probe the secrets of heaven,
the story of Earth,
the depths of Man’s soul, and
propound those sublime thoughts which illumine
the ranks and those akin to them,
to inspire philosophers and poets, scientists and historians,
then threaded its subtle influence on the religions of the West.
Because Seiðr is the one device that unites all forms of Soulcrafting –
from Spá to Galdr to Runes to Forn Þreifa to Wortcunning –
it is the most fundamental shift of perception that
radically restructures experiential awakening, and
the one activity that creates a new and liberating gestalt of wholeness.
Its study is paramount to success in every spiritual endeavor.

Eru Völva allar fra Víðulfi,
Vitkar allar fra Vilmeiðr,
Seiðbereindr fra Svarthöfði,
Iotnar allar fra Aurgelmir komnir!