Valknuts are Tripartite and Interwoven.

I see the many uses of Valknuts in
Old European Lore; such as:
-Fenrir’s fetters,
-Loki’s Fetters,
-Baldr’s Fetters,
-Herjoturr Fetters,
-Hangman’s Fetters
-Ritual Fetters found on Bog Bodies,

And what of the Suebi Hair Knots?
Could they represent being fettered
to the Männerbund, or where they
Bringers of Death Fetters?

Seidfolk have Galdr to tie and release Fetters.
The Nornir, as Weavers of Wyrd, Full-Know
how to tie and bind off the ‘edges’,
or release them .. as their Spae dooms

It is clear to me that the Valknut is a
Spirit-filled working, associated with death,
Yes, but also freedom