loki past deeds

Ship journeys from the north, steered and ruled over by Loki.
Coming with surety are Halja’s great host of men –
with very severe monsters – to establish her laws;
and to these, that brother Bee-Sock, in company to attack.
Völuspá 51 (Wright translation)

“Ship journeys from the north, steered and ruled over by Loki. Some versions render this ‘east’, and indeed, Hrym (strophe 50) and Angrboda (strophe 40) are reckoned to the east. There is a ‘north-facing door’ in strophe 38, and pillars that stand ‘before the north’ in strophe 37, which suggest positions in the south; and in strophe 36 there is an ‘isolated eastern mountain’. Because this verse commentary is more concerned with the energy patterns behind the symbols – rather then exact bearings – an examination of these orientations will be viewed intuitively.

East and south suggest awareness and outcome, which is where the Jotuns appear to be coming from – to bring about the final battle; whereas Loki from the north (origins) would imply retribution from ‘past’ deeds, or those events that have occurred prior to this moment, which becomes clear in the next line.”

-Excerpt, Völuspá: Seiðr as Wyrd Consciousness, page 101-102

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Photograph: Rokssana