Ƒorn Þreifa ~ Ħealing Ħearth & ₸ribe

Forn Threifa Uber Mensch

Your DNA is not your destiny ..
Look to your Epigenes,
which can positively and proactively
influence one’s behavior.

The Old European Altmag were correct:
You have the ability to influence outcomes.
I wrote how this is done –
from a §eiðr‬ perspective – in my book
Ѵöluspá: §eiðr As VVyrd ℭonsciousness.

More than healing ourselves as individuals,
we are capable of healing our hearth and tribe,
to build sustainable relationships –
to weave a healing thread through the
Web of Oaths for future generations.
Our words and deeds are but the trunk ..
Ƒorn Þreifa ‬ is the root that triggers our
potential to heal body, mind, and spirit.



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