§cholar and §eer

seid woman

“The focus of my work in Heathenry has been on that which most resembles the shamanesque practices of Old Europe, and certainly, there is no lack of evidence of the importance of signs, omens, and dreams in daily life (even in regards to warfare). What has remained in question is the ethereal praxis; again, we must refrain from a solely scholarly stance to seek the unique undercurrent of shared beliefs among the Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and Nordic tribes, being thankful at every turn for the various sources we have from which to draw. If anything, the adherence to a surgical precision in interpreting Old European lore has uprooted the worth of health, healing, and holiness. By focusing on the scholar alone we have left the seer out in the cold.”

Forn Þreifa: Ancient Healing Touch, page 95 (forthcoming)


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