Ӎari – Ųnderworld Ϙueen

mari goddess

Just watched ‘The VVitch’.
I think most are familiar with the American Folk Legends
regarding ‘Black Philip’, baby-stealing witches,
midnight covens, and the like.

What happened to those stories?
Did ‘we’ (as a society) outgrow them?
Where they successfully banished by the Church?
Do such entities no longer exist?
Are we no longer afraid of such imagery?
Do witches still sell their souls, did they ever?
If such a menace did once, exist, where did it go?
Is technology and/or the reality of daily living sinister enough
to supplant the older tales?
Do such beings still exist, or did they ever?

Could these tales be vague remnants of
Mari, Queen of the Underworld .. or
Diana, Goddess of Witches .. or
Frau Berchta, the Covered One .. or
Morrigan, Queen of Shadows .. or
Laima, Queen of Life and Death?
Certainly, the Basque Mari was said to take the form of a
‘three horned he-goat’, Akerbeltz, and that both lived beneath the Earth.
In fact, the Romans attested this diety with inscriptions:


Is the European and later, American fear of witches all
rooted from the Churches Inquisitorial condemnation
and lies regarding these Indo-European rooted woman of Might?
If so, is it possible to reclaim that which has been ‘covered’
and ‘concealed’ (linguistic roots of their names),
when in truth, that is Their home of origin?
And if so, who is willing to take this leap of faith anew?

mari goddess 2


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