Ħel’s §ling


The Valknut has been assumed to be many things, and though its depictions contribute a great deal to its overall narrative, its meaning remains elusive.

What is known is clearer:
-it is tripartite, and
-it is created by interweaving or interlocking

The Norwegian phrase kaste runer etter means to cast a spell on or to practice magic on somebody. It is cognate with the Faroese phrase kasta runir a ein, and also from Faroese we find runabinda meaning to bind by runes (akin to English “spellbind” and “spellbound”).

If the Valknut is a bind rune, then perhaps it was used in:
-the binding of Loki,
-the binding of Baldr,
-the binding of Fenrir, or, as found in peat bogs,
-the ritual binding of sacrificial victims.
In addition to the Valknut there is the Herjoturr or “war fetter”, described as a form of paralysis used by Wodan and the Valkyries. And there is the possible noose from which Wodan hung himself with.

And what of Hel herself. As a chthonic woman she can be seen in Indo-European Kolyo, the “coverer”, who used a noose to guide bodies to her Underworld. Of interest is the Middle High German word for noose: helsing, or Hel’s Sling. Could then the Wodanic Cult of hanging be a ritual enactment of those destined for Hel’s Hall?

Does Wodan relate that he knows this ‘fetter’ in Havamal 146 and 147? (Wright translation):

I know a third,
if I happen to need strength,
fetters against my hated adversaries:
My opponents edges blunted,
neither their weapons nor staves will bite.

I know a fourth,
if warriors bear bonds to curve my limbs:
Then I galdr, and I am able to walk,
springing forth fetters from my feet
and bonds from my hands.

Could this ‘third’ be the Valknot, a bindrune, and the fourth the means to unbind it?

~ ~ ~

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  1. Wow! I’m loving this blog! Awesome post! I am sure I will learn a lot reading your posts.

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    1. And there is so much for us to learn! Thank you for reading my blog, and I am so glad you wrote me a note. The Old European lore is a treasure trove, and like all treasure, its best shared with friends. My gift is research and praxis, it is also to share that with others .. such as yourself!


    2. Thank you Wyrdling! Come anytime .. welcome guest!


    3. Thank you for the kind words! It is for souls such as yourself that I write!


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