Yule Day Six – Mother Earth

mother earth

On several of the Old Pagan calendars, today was the Nativity of Mithras, the Invincible Sun. Mithras – though a god of protection and oaths – was worshipped for his friendship; in fact, his name literally means “friend”. So it is easy to consider this a day of friendship. However, that seems to be only part of the history here.

Mithras was a serious contender with Jesus, so that at one time, both were equally worshipped. Eventually, Jesus one out, except among the Old Europeans. Looking at Mithras/Jesus, they chose the Supreme Goddess instead. So that, among the Germanic tribes, this day was dedicated to Frau Holle. Notable is her name, for in it we see: Holda, Hludana, Huld, Hlóðyn / Jörð, Nehalennia, Hel, and Gullveig-Heiðr, all chthonic/earth goddess’.

Considering Mithras was both a Soldier and Friend, and Jesus was styled by the early Church as a Warrior and Friend to the Germanic tribes, what was it about the Divine Mother that the ancient peoples determined was superior to these two male options? Well, across the board, Mother Earth has been perceived as both a birth-giver and life-taker, and everything in between. Since ancient times, She was protector and empowerer, the “creator and doer of time”, the “first manifestation”, the “Absolute Life Force”; as the “giver of life” She is also the “absorber of life”. In short, she is what galvanizes the Above with the Below, to the point of manifesting the Above in to the Below. Mithras and Jesus were simply unable to compete.

Man’s Best Friend is Mother Earth.


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