Ұule Дay Ƒive ~ M̪others

Gorresburg, Nettersheim, Germany, where gifts are still left for the Mothers

How fitting that, according to my assumed celebrations for each of the Twelve Nights, that Christmas Day would coincide with Mother’s Night. Which, according to Anglo-Saxon texts, fell on Christmas Eve, but since I am calculating Yule based on the actual Winter Solstice, these two days not only synchronize but harmonize nicely.

Mother’s Night is dedicated to the Matres and Matronae (“Mothers”) found throughout North-West Europe from the 1st to the 5th century CE. Always in three, this divine pattern can be seen in:
-Old Norse Norns,
-Greek Moirai,
-Roman Parcae,
-Slavic Sudice, and
-Polish Rodzanice.
The idea of a Triple Goddess reaches deep into the mists of the Proto Indo-Europeans; or those people who lived during the late Neolithic (4th millennium BCE). The Proto Indo-Europeans ranged from the forest-steppe zone immediately to the north of the western end of the Pontic-Caspian steppe in Eastern Europe, their homeland reaching across Eurasia, to include Anatolia (Hittites), the Aegean (Mycenaean Greece), Western Europe (Corded Ware culture), Central Asia (Yamna culture), and southern Siberia (Afanasvevo culture). Some scholars even place them in the Early Neolithic (7500 to 5500 BCE), and extend their range of influence even further (based on ever increasing evidence).

Whatever the case – their concept of a Triple Goddess remains powerful with us today. From the:
-Three Mary’s at the Crucifixion of Jesus (Mary Magdalene, Mary of Jacob, Mary Salome the Disciple),
-St. Brigid (Brigid the Healer, Brigid the Poet, Brigid the Smith; who was claimed by the Church),
-Greek Hecate (Selene, Artemis, Persephone)
-Irish Morrigna (Badb, Macha, Anand)
-Gaulish Mātronā (“Great Mother”),
-Egyptian Hathor (with Nephthys and Isis),
-perhaps even Norse Freyja (with Frigg and Skadi), and
There are many more.

So on this Fifth Night, Christmas Night, consider Mary in the Stable, the Three Wisemen who visited her, who were perhaps accompanied by Three Wise Women. Honor your Mothers – whoever they may be!




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