VVyrd ℭonsciousness – Бreath

witch trance

Prana, “Life Force; Breath”, the ability to connect with all energy – terrestrial and celestial.  Also: SoHam, “I Am That”, the Divine Breath, the Connecting (‘yoga’) Breath, or that which connects body with mind.

Ruach, “Breath”, the Breath of Life, Divine Voice, the essence of prophecy and wisdom.

Qi, “Breath”, the Energy Flow, Life Force, Spirit.

Psyche, “Breath, Life”, totality of the human mind, ultimate self.

Afflatus, “Breath, Inspiration (literally: In Spirare, “inflamed, inhaled of god)

Mana, “Thunder, Storm, Breath”, the “effective” flow of life.

Spirit, “Breath; Soul, Courage”, of the Holy Spirit.

These words, if not their deep meanings, are well-known and often used.  Especially among religo-magico-spiritual circles.  Because so many use them, forgoing the Old European words and concepts for the same, it is easy to conclude that most are unaware that the pre-Christian tribes of Europe had such ideas.  Even so, most of the above words are rooted in Indo-European *bhes, “to breathe; spirit”, and Proto Indo-European *gwhre-, “to breathe”, making them an innate part of English as it’s spoken today, and the concepts that would have come to us from the Anglo-Germanic city-states.  So it is that I would like to reintroduce (as it were), the words that denote not just the act of breathing but breath as the connecting link between both body and mind, and man with divinity.

Önd, in Old Norse, means “mind, wit, soul, sense”, and is the agency of breath.  It is also found in Old English æþem, which is none other than the “breath of life“.  In fact, önd (wod, andar, endor) is the Old European idea of that which connects the inner worlds to the outer worlds, the small self to the Greater Self.  From Proto-Germanic *wōđaz and *wōđanaz, it relates to Latin vātēs and Old Irish fáith, both meaning “seer, prophet“.   Likewise, Gothic woþs, meaning “possessed“, and returning to Old Norse, óðr, meaning “mad, frantic, furious“.  Today, some may have learned of it as the Odic Force, as Orgone, or even Vril, but few realize its intimate relationship with Seiðr.

Yes, Seiðr – as Wyrd Consciousness – taps directly into the anti-entropic force of the universe – of All Worlds.

~ ~ ~

Photography: F Doruk Seymen





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