wheel of fortune

Sinister, alone and undefiled
Divinely mad, fetter beguiled.
All about her ecstatic state
Circle Squared, life innate!

The alchemists pondered over Squaring the Circle; indeed, it was the opus of turning base metal to gold.  To square the circle one must separate chaos into four elements, then recombine them into a greater unity.

When one harmonizes their intuition with their mind, then the divine current – the Black Flame – communicates through all channels to create Oneness with All, or the Quintessence.

Casting the Circle, for example, is not the invocation of all elements, the prima matera of every ‘corner’ or quarter, but those most appropriate for the work at hand.  Such a creation is Between the Worlds, in liminal space, so that all who stand there, exist in all places at all times.  Truly: One With Everything.  This is the Witches Pentagram – a symbol often worn but little understood.

To Square the Circle – to invoke the Pentagram – is to harmonize intuition with reason / bodymind with spirit.

Spin the Wheel and Dance the Circle.  The world is not found upon the rim, but from the Center.  And in dancing Know that from the Center – from the Stillness – all things move and are moved.  The Pentagram beckons one to become Nothing and All.