Why are we so quick to discount the myth of Merlin
singing Stonehenge into place via his magic –
proving such craft was worth more than brute strength –
yet respond with undeniable resonance to Quantum Physics?
Genealogists utilize Landnámabók to trace the settling families of Iceland,
yet discount the credibility of Ingimundr’s employment of two Sami Noaide –
using Seiðr – to explore the land and prophesize the future settlements success;
even as they discount that Seiðr and the Sami are connected.

Tales of Wizards and Witches are often viewed with skepticism,
and their sorcery as ‘imagination’ or ‘embellishment’.
Then in the same breath, point out the deeds of
Ragnar ‘Hairy Breeches’, Harald Wartooth, or the Yngling Dynasty,
even as they toss aside the import of Lagertha the Shieldmaiden,
or quotes like this:
Now out of the town of Sle, under the captains Hetha (Heid) and Wisna,
with Hakon Cut-cheek came Tummi the Sailmaker.
On these captains, who had the bodies of women,
nature bestowed the souls of men.
Webiorg was also inspired with the same spirit,
and was attended by Bo (Bui) Bramason and Brat the Jute,
thirsting for war.
Saxo Grammaticus 8

Perhaps we take writing for granted. After all, it is easy to type on a laptop,
to edit and re-edit endlessly to achieve the desired result.
Unlike having to slaughter an animal, tan its hide over the course of weeks,
arriving at the right consistency to create vellum;
let alone collect the black walnuts and pure science required to create ink.
After that effort, one simply does not crumple it up, toss it in the trash,
and start over. Careful deliberation went into writing –
which is but one reason why it was considered a magical art.
The pre-Christian ancients were leaving behind a record of events, not a fantasy novel.


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