I am the union of fire and ice –
where their streams meet.
I am energy and have no state.
Nothing I grasp – and what have –
do not hold.
I am only I who knows,
and all that I am is that knowing.
I Am
For I know my Self to be apart from what I am not.
Selves change – world is eternal.
Self re-appears, goes about in new forms –
Self is eternal.
World about changes – worlds come and go.
I release it and selves change beyond the selves they are.
Ginnunga-gap is eternal –
screaming void between fire and ice.
It cares not for me nor not-for-me.
The Void I have formed; the Void forms me –
the Jötuns and Tívar both, were before, and will follow too.
Conscious became the Void,
became first thought and gave first word, and it was: ₩od!