Nine Daughters

nine women

Ægir and Rán have nine daughters ..
They are waves of the Great Sea.

Bára, She who is a Billowing Wave
Blóðughadda , She of the Bloody-Hair
Bylgja, Who is Heavy and Swelling
Dúfa, The Pitching One
Himinglæva, She who is Heaven Shining
Hefring, She who is Rising
Hrönn, The Heaping One
Kólga, The Cool Wave
Uðr, The Frothing Wave

There are ten distinct maritime references in Havamal ..
Iron Age Europe is distinct for its Ship Burials.
A custom also found among the Scythians (Vanir).

Indo-European *sta- is found in both ship and star.
Ships, chariots, stars, and swastikas are all related in
Indo-European poetry.

The Ashvins are invoked:
“Come Great Ones,
In your Ship of Mind,
To reach that opposite shore.”
-Rigveda 1.46.7

These Divine Twins –
Sunrise and Sunset,
Healing and Prosperity,
Great Physicians –
Deliver us from the ‘opposite’ of what they are.

These Help-Bringing Horsemen traverse All Worlds ..
Via the Milky Way ..
In a Great Ship propelled by Nine Waves.


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