Galdr Revealed

runes rfbs

Galdr is an incantation.
Galdralag is a poetic meter.

These are not screamed and screeched mewlings ..
But ‘poetic incantations’.

This is reserved Knowing ..
Wisdom derived from education ..
From and to the Staff-wise.

First, more than learn, Know Old Norse ..
Then, languages where such meters are hidden.

Veistu, hvé rísta skal? Veistu, hvé ráða skal?
Veistu, hvé fáa skal? Veistu, hvé freista skal?
Veistu, hvé biðja skal? Veistu, hvé blóta skal?
Veistu, hvé senda skal? Veistu, hvé sóa skal?

Know you how to carve, know you how to interpret?
Know you how to paint, know you how to test?
Know you how to bid, know you how to sacrifice?
Know you how to send, know you how to destroy?
-Havamal 144

R . F . B . S

Know You How to .. strive towards initiation, the answer within your Folksoul?
Know You How to .. prosper in creativity?
Know You How to .. evolve and claim earth’s might?
Know You How to .. consciously ascend?

Would you know more .. and what?


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