Paradigms are meant to be shifted.

Societal laws and it’s constructs,

civilization and it’s order,

culture and it’s traditions,

are in constant need of change to maintain viability and relevance.

Each generation has an opportunity to correct and advance their world;

more often, they ride the coat-tails of the proceeding one,

which coasted along on the generation before that.

Many bemoan the outdated system,

few raise more than an eyebrow to change it.

My understanding, and so approach,

to Chaos,

is to create change by disrupting the existing system.

Who defines society, civilization and culture?

Within these constructs, who defines property, politics, taxes, or order.

Where dues one acquire their sense of right and wrong?

Chaos is confusion, disorder, randomness, and anarchy.

Various techniques and rituals are designed and employed to

implement that condition within one’s being.

Doing so brings about paradigm shift –

an acceptable phase for ‘enlightenment’ or ‘realization’.

What then is next, or more Chaotic than,

seeking out the root of what defines ‘right and wrong’, and move past it.

To, subsequently, redefine sin and crime.

What then is sin and crime, and who (or what) describes it?

Is there an ‘ultimate sin’, is there an ‘unforgivable crime’?

Akin to society, civilization, and culture,

does one merely accept the standard that controls their very existence,

do they shrug off a system ‘too big to fail’,

or discount themselves as ‘to small to make a difference’;

or, do they take matters into their own hands and become a

conforming non-conformist?

Sin is a ‘willful transgression’,

and crime an ‘instance of negligence deemed injurious to the public or state’.

Do either include minor traffic violations,

boasting of ones accomplishments,

falsifying a time sheet,

stealing at the self checkout,

feeling superior to others,

cheating on taxes,


adultery, sloth,

envy, greed, or


Society, civilization, and culture blur the lines of sin and crime

while labeling both “dangerous” and “disruptive”.

If ones realty truly embraced Chaos,

would that (could that) include pushing the

accepted boundaries of sin and crime?

Would / could the creation of sin and crime,

as commonly understood, be a manner of Chaos?

And if so, could that approach likewise be considered ‘dangerous’,

or even ‘dangerously elegant’?

And if so, what would be more elegant than murder and mayhem?

If not, why not? Is it not a state of delusion to think

one is creating effective change within their being and

within society while still being a tool of the system?

Is it not a state of delusion to read, learn, perform and

create rituals and sigils where no result is seen.

Is it not a state of delusion to seek out the sensation of

living on the edge while remaining stuck within a

system that keeps one quagmired in an endless cycle of

obey, consume, reproduce and conform?

My Chaos praxis is, on a daily basis,

what most consider ‘dangerous elegance’.

Society, civilization, and culture, for example,

have little meaning to me outside of

thoughts on how to disrupt its foul flow.

I embrace willful transgression and negligent acts,

while advocating a doctrine and practice of culling.

I challenge myself – physically and mentally on a daily basis,

and adhere to seasonal ritual death.

I have and continue to work as provocateur

in primarily covert systems.

Finally, I actively explore the emerging landscape of occult methodologies.

Am I Not Dangerous?


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