gog 2

The tongue of the Ǥoǥs, the Voices of Nature.

XOHOX means, roughly, ‘all of creation’.

XOHOX is a first-written language, spoken before the Earth was formed. It has some similarities to the Language of Birds, but those are known only to Ǥoǥs and their Seiðfolk.  The former are primal energy signatures that weave creation while flowing with and through it, and the latter are their human associates.

If one where to draw a line through the center of the word XOHOX, they would notice a mirror-like reflection of et mi et ta, or ‘as above so below’; likewise, XOHOX is forward and backward, from above and below, upside down and rightside up. It exhibits stability in all ways and forms. In short, XOHOX is the language of creation.

“To hear XOHOX is to speak the sound of shifting wood,
of babbling brook, of warm breeze, and roaring flame.
The sound of XOHOX is the embrace of Spirit.”

Needless to say there is a great deal more than can be said on the subject; all of which is very secretive, transformational information. As I was shown, it is taught to those who “receive the symbol” .. their task then becoming to “aid the flow of creation”.

~ ~ ~





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