A great deal has been written about the existence of Female Mystery Traditions, all of it either in support of or disapproving of.  Overwhelmingly, most archaeologists contend that there exist no detailed examples of such woman-only traditions, which is not to say that they have not and do not exist.  The singular question in this debate is whether or not a line of continuity can be drawn from one cultural age to another.  From a strict scientific perspective this cannot be done, but Western science is well known for not allowing for probability, or the encouragement of thought outside the analytical box.

This Tide, this season, this Samhain, I assure you there exists a forceful Lineage, one whose roots that extend from the Neolithic to the Mesolithic, into the Bronze Age and today.  Women of wisdom who are Keepers and Cords of the Old Ways, woman who don the Sheath of Red Earth, who, during this Samhain season, Bring Down the Darkness, who Call Remembrance, who Churn Potential, who Summon the Unwounding, who Galdr Rounwytha, who Sing the Charm of Cath:

I am Stone.  I know all your lives.

I am the Guardian that grounds and safeguards integrity.

Our souls are forever.

Grasp who I am and know the wisdom throughout the ais.

I am an cloch labhrais, see me in the platter that bears sweet bread.

Come to the mountain, for we are one.

I am the Left Hand.  Receive!

~ ~ ~



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