Hire a Völva

Thinking of asking me to do a ritual or teach a workshop? I am an engaging public speaker, with two decades of experience hosting rituals for both small and large gatherings, presenting workshops, and representing Seiðr at Pagan Pride events.

Please be considerate by planning six months to a year in advance. For gatherings outside of Columbus, Ohio, travel expenses need to be subsidized to make attendance possible. Feel free to contact for additional information.

Workshop Themes:
-Seiðr and Spá
-Runes and Galdr
-Traditional Witchcraft, Old Ways and Cunningfolk
-Ancestor Worship
-Animal Familiars and Náttúra
-Animism and Polytheism
-Old European Folk Ways
-Herbalism, Magical and Medicinal
-Readings in Rune, Tarot or Bone
-Life Ceremonies
-Healing Rituals
-Private Bookings

Contact for information on private workshops and rituals for your kindred or coven, you or your friends.