§eiðr §kills

Hire a Teacher, Healer, and Mentor

Need a Rune or Bone Reading, a Soul Healing or Fetch Calling, or to re-Wild yourself? I am an accomplished Hedgerider, with over three decades of Seiðr, Forn Þreifa, Rune, and Galdr experience, in personal and large settings. If you are interested in re-weaving / re-connecting, and/or fostering relations between yourself, the Náttúra and Nature, your Fetch and Spirit Guides, then I will assist you in re-threading with your Authentic Self.

Please be considerate by planning in advance. For gatherings outside of Columbus, Ohio, travel expenses need to be subsidized to make attendance possible. Feel free to contact for additional information.

Services Offered
-Rune or Bone Reading
-Forn Þreifa Healing
-Spirit and Soul work
-Re-call the Fetch
-Re-connect with your Ancestors
-Locate your Luck (one’s personal might)
-Healing of Three Vessels of Being
-Hunting wisdom and insight from Spirits, Náttúra, Animals, and Ancestors
-Shifting into Wyrd Consciousness
-Faring Forth
-Shape Shifting (reshaping and rearranging personal energy)
-Land Healing
-Soul Retrieval and Restoration
-Seiðr Counseling
-Dream Work
-Seiðr Classes
-Foster the Feral
-Moon and Seasonal Rites, and Life Passages (Naming Rites, Wedding, Funeral)
-Home and Land Blessings
-Grow and Wild Harvest herbs and plants
-Create Potions and Brews
-Learn the Language of Birds
-Mound Sitting (speak to one’s Ancestors)
-Galdr and Charms of Making

Contact for in-person sessions. Payment can be made at that time, or in advance via PayPal.

For distance sessions, via Skype, prior payment is required.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, kindly give 24 hours notice, or the full session rate will apply. For classes, only partial refunds are given.